There is an annual Lumberjack World Championship held in Wisconsin! The events are crazy…

There is an annual Lumberjack World Championship held in Wisconsin! The events are crazy…

The Lumberjack World Championship has been crowning All-Around Champions since 1960. There are 21 events and over $50,000 in prize money. 100 competitors from North America, New Zealand and Australia compete for both money and respect annually at the event in Haywood, Wisconsin. If you plan on competing you better start training now; there are some pretty crazy events at this competition.

Let’s start out with some basic ones. There’s the standing block chop which is similar to chopping any old tree, and there’s the single buck, where contestants saw through a log. Pretty obvious things to include in a lumberjack competition.

Then there’s the underhand block chop. In this event, contestants stand on top of a log and chop between their legs. Crazy. The springboard chop is pretty interesting too. Contestants chip holes in the tree to fit in a springboard and then stand on the boards and chop higher up. I wouldn’t recommend trying either of these at home.

At least those have log cutting involved. There are two speed climbing challenges, one at 60 feet and one at 90 feet. Contestants have to climb up and down the log as fast as they can to win. At the speeds you have to go to win one of these anyone can make a mistake.

There are some other events as well. There’s the classic logrolling where two people try to unbalance the other on a floating (and spinning) log, and there’s the boom run where the contestants have to run along a bunch of floating logs as fast as they can. Vertically, not Frogger style.

If you’re a woman, fear not. There are four woman’s events and a couple of team events you can take part in. Woman can compete in their own single buck, underhand chop, log rolling and boom runs. Jack and Jill is a team version of the single buck with a man and a woman. Woman can also participate in the team relay, a combination of various events.

So are you booking your flight yet?



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