There’s an apocalypse predicted for 2013.

There’s an apocalypse predicted for 2013.

I know what you’re thinking; “So, what are we all going to die from this year? But this one doesn’t involve some cult or a Hollywood movie, it actually involves from the big guys over at NASA. They have predicted that in the beginning of the year 2013 (any day now, I guess), the sun’s growing magnetic energy will combine with the highest levels of sunspot activity in the past 11 years, and launch solar flares out at the earth which will kill all of our computers and disrupt the earth’s magnetic field.

In, 2008, author David Flynn said that Isacc Newton’s doomsday calculations were slightly off, and 2013 rather than 2060 was the beginning of the Messianic era. A frightening coincidence, huh? But if history tells us anything it’s that plenty of people make death forecasts about our little world, but each time it just ignores them and keeps going on its merry way.



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