A corgi’s silly stubby legs serve a real purpose! What is it?

A corgi’s silly stubby legs serve a real purpose! What is it?

Corgis are a bit of a joke in the canine world—luckily they are pretty dang cute. They have longer bodies and larger, proportionate heads, but possess little, stubby legs that keeps them absurdly short. They weren't bred this way just for the laughs, however. Their lower stature keeps them from getting kicked in the head from those sheep they should be chasing!

When dog breeding began, it was mostly for specific purposes. Corgis were no different, being bred as herding dogs that kept livestock in line by chasing them down and nipping at the heels to force a change in direction. Sheep can sometimes give a nice, high kick when threatened or running away, causing injury to the dog giving chase—but thanks to the meticulously engineered Welsh corgi legs, a sheep's kick won't land.

Corgis corral livestock in a different way than a collie would, who would run around the herd in circles. Corgis get right to the point with nipping, and is willing to bite the nose of any animal who is ready to turn and charge. As well as being professionals at herding cows, sheep, and horses, they are also one of the only breeds to herd geese! They also make pretty good babysitters and guard dogs.



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