A flight engineer tried to crash a FedEx plane! The reason he did it is horrible, but also kind of sweet

A flight engineer tried to crash a FedEx plane! The reason he did it is horrible, but also kind of sweet

Auburn Calloway was a flight engineer for FedEx in the early 1990's. Calloway was recently awaiting his termination because he was caught in falsifying his employment application, along with his log that recorded his hours. Knowing that during his upcoming disciplinary hearing he would be terminated, Calloway had to think of how he was going to provide for his family.

After purchasing thousands of dollars of death and dismemberment insurance, Calloway boarded a FedEx Cargo plane tricking the flight crew into thinking that he was just catching a ride, which is something common among pilots. With no questions asked, Calloway and the flight crew ascended on their way to San Diego from Memphis.

Thirty minutes into the flight, Calloway opened his guitar case revealing two sledge mallets, two claw hammers, a knife, and a spear gun. He then began to enter the cockpit and use the weapons to beat the two crew members until bloody and falling over in their seats. He then moved to the rest of the plane to execute the other crewmember.

The pilot and co-pilot regained consciousness and began to fight back. The pilot, Jim Tucker, partially paralyzed because of the injuries, grabbed control of the DC-10 plane and turned it upside and began barrel-rolling it so that Calloway couldn't attack.

Calloway was eventually restrained and FedEx Flight 705 made an emergency landing back in Memphis, leaving the airport confused. After an investigation, Calloway's motive was revealed. He wanted to kill the crew with weapons that could sustain injuries similar to that of a plane crash. He then wanted to intentionally crash the plane so that his family could have access to the insurance policy money that he had just taken out a few days prior. He was willing to give his life to make sure his family was financially stable.

Calloway received a life sentence with no parole for his actions. The three brave crewmembers survived the attack, but because of their injuries would never be able to fly again.



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