Flamin’ Hot Cheetos caused panic in emergency rooms recently. Why?

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos caused panic in emergency rooms recently. Why?

In October 2012, CBS News reported that kids were being rushed off to the emergency room because of reddish stools. Parents were panicking because red poop is never a good thing!

It was soon revealed, however, that it is just a result of the kids shoving bags full of Flamin' Hot Cheetos down their throats.

"Even though we might eat some foods with red food dye in them regularly, our stool doesn't usually become discolored unless you eat huge amounts of it," pediatrician Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann of St. Louis Children's Hospital said "Flamin' Hot Cheetos is one food that people will eat enormous amounts of and will see a change in their stool."

Doctors, nutritionists, and public health advocates have been working extremely hard to get the 'cult snack' banned in schools all across America. They say that they have to keep on reminding parents that, although a red stool due to Cheetos is not an immediate medical problem, the fact that the child is obviously overindulging, could later lead to medical problems.

Hot Cheetos fall into a category of snacks considered 'hyper-palatable.' This means that they are particularly addictive due to the extremely high salt and fat content. They have been banned in several school districts where kids have been substituting entire meals for a bag of the hot stuff.



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