Robert Downey Jr. once buried his costume from the movie Less Than Zero. Why?

Robert Downey Jr. once buried his costume from the movie Less Than Zero. Why?

Robert Downey Jr. Starred in the 1987 film, Less Than Zero. He played the character of Julian, who was a troubled, drug addicted teen dating his best friend's ex-girlfriend. The movie had a strong anti-drug message and Downey was cast regardless of his own struggles with illegal drugs in real life.

Leading up to Less Than Zero, Downey began to get typecast roles written for him and was starting to become recognized as a member of "The Brat Pack". During the 1980's, "The Brat Pack" referred to a group of young, new actors often starring in the same movies together.

Downey did not want this image to carry with him through the rest of his life and chose to star in the 1992 filmChaplin. Being that Chaplin was going to be a drama on the life of Charlie Chaplin, he felt he needed to drop this image quickly. He took the clothes that he wore in Less Than Zero and buried them in the backyard of his home to symbolically and literally bury his "Brat Pack" image.

Through the next decade, Downey would continue to struggle with his drug habits. In 2003, he took Hollywood by storm claiming he was sober and getting great roles. He even got an Academy Award for his character in Tropic Thunder. He would later star in the successful franchise, Ironman. Although it took time, Robert Downey Jr. did in fact "bury" his "Brat Pack" image.



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