Autotune was originally used to find oil!

Autotune was originally used to find oil!

Autotune has become a must in the contemporary pop music industry. Everyone from Justin Beiber to Lil Wayne uses it to fix their off key vocals. It’s most liberal use was perhaps in Rebecca Black’s 2011 debut ”Friday.” And of course, rapper T-pain is the gold standard for auto-tune usage, as he popularized it in his songs and even in a very popular App. 

It was designed by former Exon Engineer, Andy Hildabrand, who used sound waves to pin point the location of oil reserves under water. He realized that the same autocorrelation technique used to find oil could also be used to tame a singer’s unruly notes. 

In 1977, he released autotune to the public as a software plug-in for audio editing. It went from being used occasionally to smooth over a few notes to completely enveloping the singers’ entire voices. In both its original and current situations, there’s no denying that autotune has led to big bucks. 



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