James Cameron is getting ready to dive deeper than any human being’s ever gone

James Cameron is getting ready to dive deeper than any human being’s ever gone

The filmmaker behind Avatar, Titanic and (my favorite of his movies) Aliens, is also a deep sea explorer. He dove down to the Titanic wreck when he was filming his movie. He’s now getting ready to make submarine history.

A few days ago, James Cameron broke the modern-vehicle record for deepest dive when he went down five miles in the New Britain Trench off Papua New Guinea. He’s getting ready to break that record all over.

The blockbuster filmmaker is planning to dive 7 miles into what’s considered the most inaccessible spot in the Earth: The Challenger Deep, in the western Pacific. He wants to spend 6 hours looking at the bizarre creatures that live there. 

When asked about this, he said “It’s a blast, there’s nothing more fun than getting bolted into this and seeing things that human beings have never seen before. Forget about red carpets and all that glitzy stuff.”

He built his submarine secretly in Australia and it’s already outperforming other watercraft in its ability to survive the crushing pressures of deep sea. 

It’s also a little dangerous. He lost two crewmembers to a helicopter going down in preparation for this dive. However, he decided to keep going. He’s planning on filming a 3D movie of this for theaters, and a National Geographic special. 



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