This eerie, abandoned theme park in China is called ‘Wonderland”. It never opened to the public.

This eerie, abandoned theme park in China is called ‘Wonderland”. It never opened to the public.

The ruins of a half-built theme park sat near a highway in the Chenzhuang Village, about 20 miles outside of Beijing, China. Developers promised it would be the largest amusement park in Asia, to cover 120 acres, and named it Wonderland. It never opened.

It stood abandoned, surrounded by fields of corn and houses. The only visitors who ever went there were the local children and the occasional photographer, who were met by signs warning them of potential poisons in the soil and to enter at their own risk. People have reported that sometimes, when visiting the site, there were still be parking attendants in the abandoned parking lot, probably to attend to curios visitors. Local farmers started to reclaim the abandoned site to grow their various crops.

Construction stopped in 1998 after disagreements with the local farmers over property prices. Ten years later, in 2008, developers tried to restart construction. They were unsuccessful. When it was clear that there was no hope left that Wonderland would ever be completed and opened to the public, it was razed to the ground in May 2013. The developers are now planning to build a luxury product supermarket on the site.

Whether that idea will ever get off the ground remains to be seen.



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