This ketchup lifehack is an absolute game changer

This ketchup lifehack is an absolute game changer

Though this may not be common knowledge to most people, the Heinz ketchup bottle design is actually very particular and can serve to aid the customers in their ketchup including endeavors.

First on the list is the qualifier 'Tomato' above the word 'ketchup' on every bottle. The reason this exists is because during the time that ketchup was invented there were many other kinds of ketchups based on other ingredients not including tomato.

Secondly, and perhaps the most useful discovery, is the idea that there is a specific reason for the placement of the 57 on the Heinz bottle. According to the company this is the best spot to strike when trying to pour the condiment on your meal. It is estimated that only about 11% of Heinz customers know this fact.

The 57 also serves another purpose. It was introduced when the company provided 60 products, but the creator decided that 57 was a lucky number and would be better to put on the bottle.

Finally, the most trivial of these discoveries is this: ketchup falls from the bottle at an average speed of .045 feet per second.



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