A man once wrestled a bear, was left for dead, and crawled over 200 miles back to his hometown!

A man once wrestled a bear, was left for dead, and crawled over 200 miles back to his hometown!

Not much is known about Hugh Glass, but he is famous for being mauled by a bear. He was an American fur trapper in the early 1800s. Glass was scouting for an expedition in 1823 when he stumbled upon a grizzly bear with her two cubs. The bear charged Glass, picked him up, and threw him to the ground before he could gather his rifle. He got up and repeatedly stabbed the grizzly while it clawed him over and over again. 

Glass managed to kill the bear with the help of his two partners, but was badly wounded and unconscious by the end of the ordeal. Convinced that he wouldn’t live, his superior had Glass’s two partners stay with him until he died and then have him buried. 

The partners ended up taking Glass’s things and running off, because they said some Indians arrived. Glass regained consciousness, though, with a broken leg, wounds on his back exposing his ribs, and abandoned without any equipment or weapons. He was 200 miles from the nearest town, Fort Kiowa. 

Glass set his own leg and covered himself with the bear hide. He laid his wounded back on a rotting log and allowed the maggots to eat his dead flesh to keep from getting gangrene. 

Glass crawled to the Cheyenne River and made a raft to float on. He made it to Fort Kiowa and began his recuperation. He then set out to get his revenge on the two partners that abandoned him. He ended up sparing one, because he was so young and the other because he’d joined the army. He did, however, get his lost rifle back. What a man! 



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