Louis C.K. was a drug addict by the time he entered high school

Louis C.K. was a drug addict by the time he entered high school

Before becoming a famous comedian, Louis C.K. lived an interesting, and often quite harsh, life.

He was born to a mother of American descent and a father of Mexican descent. He lived in Mexico until he was seven before moving to Boston, and his first language was Spanish. He retains Mexican citizenship to this day.

His parents got divorced when he was 10 and he and his three siblings were raised mostly by their mother.

His mother would complain about bad television shows which inspired C.K. to make it better, eventually landing him in the entertainment business.

He wasn't a happy child, though. He describes himself as a depressive kid, claiming to have closed himself off to feelings in junior high.

He said "Eighth and ninth grade were two solid years of dropping acid, snorting coke when somebody had it, quaaludes, an alarming amount of pot, mescaline, drinking. By the time I got to high school, I was a recovered drug addict."

He also said he ran with a bad crowd and would break into cars to steal the valuables inside.

After graduating from Newton North High School, C.K. worked as an auto mechanic, at a public access TV cable station in Boston, cleaned pools, fixed cars, spent a year as a Kentucky Fried Chicken cook and clerked at a video store, all the while "summoning the courage to try stand-up." Looks like he finally made it.



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