A violent vigilante helped solved a small town’s meth problem!

A violent vigilante helped solved a small town’s meth problem!

Like many small towns in America, in Gerald, Missouri methamphetamine addiction is rampant. Or at least was. This all changed when a man named Sergeant Bill arrived in town.

At first people had no idea who he was, and local law enforcement assumed he was sent from the federal government. Doors were knocked down and arrests were quickly made.

Clearly Sergeant Bill was not someone who had much patience with meth addicts. In just a couple months Gerald was showing steady improvement and the drug problem seemed to have vanished all together. This all changed when people began to wonder just who this man was.

Sergeant Bill was actually a former trucking company owner, former security guard, former wedding minister, and a former small-town cop! In fact he was from about 30 miles away.

A criminal investigation is currently underway against Bill! Although he seemed to help the town, breaking into peoples’ homes, putting a gun to their head, and taking them away in handcuffs still seems to be illegal!



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