6 myths about the Smithsonian Archives that are NOT true. Don’t be fooled!

6 myths about the Smithsonian Archives that are NOT true. Don’t be fooled!

Brush up on your Smithsonian myths, and you'll be able to separate fact from fiction!

1. The Smithsonian does not have a freezer full of snowflakes in its archive. They do have many pictures of snowflakes made by “Snowflake” Bentley in the early 1900’s.

2. They are not archiving every tweet on twitter. That job belongs to the Library of Congress who archives all public tweets. The Smithsonian is archiving various tweets from their own 82 twitter accounts, though. This keeps with their role of keepers of the Institution’s history.

3. The National Archives and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC are not a part of the Smithsonian.

4. There is not an underground storage facility or archive under the National Mall. There are, however, unused tunnels under the National Mall that connect the Smithsonian Castle and the National Museum of Natural History. These two buildings once shared utilities and so the tunnel was built in 1909 as a necessary entryway for maintenance.

5. The Smithsonian Institution Archives is not responsible for all of the Smithsonian's collections. There are many museums, archives and other collecting units under the Smithsonian umbrella, and each has their own specialty and holds their own artifacts.

6. The Smithsonian Institution Archives does not hold any Nostradamus manuscripts, nor does the Smithsonian Institution Library. The professor often said to handle the manuscripts for the Smithsonian archives doesn’t even exist!



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