How did Harriet Tubman trick a former slave owner?

How did Harriet Tubman trick a former slave owner?

Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave who fled to the North in 1849. After this, she started helping her family escape the South, and eventually other people too. She ended up saving over 70 people in 13 trips. She was sometimes called Moses because she was freeing her people. In all her trips, she had a few really close encounters with people who were after her.

She tricked him by reading a newspaper! More specifically, she pretended to read a newspaper! Harriet Tubman, like many slaves at the time, was illiterate due to a lack of education. When she was on a train, Tubman noticed that a former owner (who was looking for her) was in the same car as her! In a panicked state, she picked up a newspaper to cover her face and the slave owner ignored her because he knew that Tubman could not read! Later, Harriet Tubman recalled the story and thanked God that she held up the newspaper the right way! 



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