Ricky Martin is considered a hero in helping ending modern-day slavery!

Ricky Martin is considered a hero in helping ending modern-day slavery!

Ricky Martin is involved in several humanitarian projects including the fight against human trafficking. Specifically, Martin aids children being sold into prostitution and used in pornography. The United States Congress called Martin one of their heroes in the fight to end modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is the slavery of men, women, and children. The trafficking of people often results in selling them for sex or labor. It is becoming the number one type of trafficking, quickly surpassing guns and drugs trafficking.

It is so profitable and alluring, because unlike drugs and guns, a human can be more easily sold again and again. The whole thing is sick. Women and children are the most often trafficked, but make no mistake that this includes boys. Boys and girls are used in sex trafficking and it is hard to capture the perpetrators, because the trafficked victims are constantly moved around. When the children are picked up by police, they are often mistaken for doing the acts willingly instead of being understood as being forced against their will.



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