Rodney Marks may have been Antarctica’s first murder victim.

Rodney Marks may have been Antarctica’s first murder victim.

The details surrounding the death of Rodney Marks have never been fully determined. What is known is that Rodney Marks had been feeling unwell for at least 36 hours before he died in Antarctica. 

He went to see the doctor several times before he died, but the doctor was never able to diagnose the source of his illness. Later, when Rodney Marks passed away his body was sent to New Zealand to be autopsied. Doctors were trying to evaluate whether his death was due to natural causes or by murder. 

His death was given a lot of media attention because it would be the first murder in Antarctica. New Zealand doctors learned that Marks had died due to methanol poisoning. Although Marks drank frequently, he had no reason to commit suicide by poisoning himself with his job going well and with a new girlfriend. For this reason, officials ruled out suicide, and, of course, the man would not accidentally poison himself. 

The most likely cause of his death was murder, but it was never proven by New Zealand police. Marks’ family were never given a reason for his death, but thanked the police anyway for their efforts. 



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