There is a horror film that was secretly filmed at Disney parks

There is a horror film that was secretly filmed at Disney parks

Disney puts a lot of effort into keeping their image up, and is known to be aggressively protective of their intellectual property.

This is especially true when it comes to their parks, as the image of a magical, always fun place is a key part of their draw.

So when a horror film was announced at the Sundance Film Festival that was filmed at the two Disney parks, pretty much everyone expected some kind of legal response from the mass media giant.

That film is "Escape from Tomorrow," and first premiered in 2013. When filming, the crew was aware that Disney wouldn't be too happy about the idea.

To make sure they weren't stopped, the actors kept their scripts on their phones and the crew filmed the whole thing using the video mode of two Canon EOS 5D Mark II and one Canon EOS 1D Mark IV digital single-lens reflex cameras, helping them blend in as typical visitors.

In one more attempt to keep the film a secret from Disney for as long as possible, it was edited in South Korea. Sundance similarly declined to discuss the film in detail before it was shown.

Although it's likely that park security would have stopped them from making the film had they known about it, the company didn't take any legal action against them once it was released. Instead, they decided to ignore it to stop from drawing any more attention to the film, only stating once to CNN that they were aware of it.



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