People who can’t wear latex gloves may not be able to eat a kiwi!

People who can’t wear latex gloves may not be able to eat a kiwi!

My award for the the least things likely to be related, but somehow are, is the allergic reaction between latex gloves and fruit.

Though it's one of the more common allergies you'll find, which is why nearly every doctor, food handler and TSA agent may question you about it, it's hard to believe that it would impede on a persons ability to eat a kiwi!

The allergy occurs when after repeated exposure to products containing natural rubber latex, so the more you use it the less immune to the allergy you'll be.

Mucus membranes may absorb the latex proteins which causes the body to produce antibodies that react with them, causing the allergy to surface. But what's that have to do with fruit?

People suffering from a latex allergy are susceptible to being allergic to a number of different plant products, normally fruit. This is known as the aptly named latex-fruit syndrome.

Fruits and seeds that can flare up the allergy include bananas, pineapples, avocados, chestnuts, kiwis, mangoes, passionfruit, figs, strawberries and soy. Most, but not all of these fruits contain the naturally occurring latex, which explains why it can cause an allergic reaction.



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