Volvo chose safety over profit in 1959!

Volvo chose safety over profit in 1959!

All businesses are out to make money, that's no secret. If engineers come up with something new, then there is no doubt it won't likely see the light of day unless it makes the CEOs a buck or two.

Luckily that wasn't the case in 1959 when Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin created the three-point seat belt.

At that point in time there were two main options: either a harness for pilots and race drivers or a rudimentary two-point waist restraint for the average driver.

Unfortunately, sometimes these restraints managed to do more damage than save lives in a crash.

The good guys at Volvo saw the importance of their new creation that they opened the patent to any car manufacturer so that the three-point safety belt system could be widely adopted.

They realized that the cost of the lives they would save would greatly outweigh any profit from holding it for themselves. Bohlin received a gold medal from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science in 1995 for his invention.


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