Want a weird dream? Sleep on your stomach!

Want a weird dream? Sleep on your stomach!

Drifting off to dreamland should be one of those surreal experiences a person gets to look forward to every night, settling in for 8, or more likely 5 to 6, hours of your night.

For years people have tried to master their dreams, shaping them to be their fantasies through lucid dreaming.

Turns out the way you lay down actually has a decent effect on what your dreams will be like.

The three primary position are sleeping on the back, the side, or the stomach. Each way can influence what your dreams are like.

Sleeping on your back is the safest route with the most normal dreams. Risk takers will divulge in the weird, scary, and sometimes sexy dreams by sleeping on their stomach.

A study involving 700 sleepers showed that those resting belly-down were more likely to have dreams about being locked up, having sex, being smothered, seeing UFOs, being naked, and having a celebrity love affair. The reason? Pressing down on the bed with your front induces these strange feelings.



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