This Irish family was wiped out by the police, just for being Catholic!

This Irish family was wiped out by the police, just for being Catholic!

On March 24, 1922, horror and tragedy struck the McMahon family, when police raided a home in Belfast, killing six people and injuring two.

All but one of the victims were members of the McMahon family.

The shootings took place during a time of great unrest in Ireland. It is believed to have been a revenge attack for the killing of two policemen the day before, believed to have been carried out by the Irish Republican Army, better known as the IRA. The Irish War of Independence resulted in great violence and also gave rise to a force which opposed the IRA. The unionist authorities established the Ulster Special Constabulary, known as the USC.

The day before the McMahon killings, two USC constables were patrolling the city centre and were shot dead by a group of IRA members. None of the McMahon’s was involved in the shooting of the policemen and Owen McMahon was actually known to be a supporter of those who rejected Irish republican violence.

Only 2 McMahon’s survived the revenge attack and the killing went on to spark public outrage, with 10,000 people attending the funerals. To this day, nobody was ever prosecuted for the McMahon killings, merely adding to the notion that this period will forever be known as one of the darkest of Ireland’s history.



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